I am Sajal working in the software industry for past 15 years. All through these years, I have realized that we work hard to attain better financial position tomorrow than we are in today. While we all do, what best we can, to attain better financial health, we fail to realize the earning power of money that we have gathered over a period of time. In addition to this, we normally rely on our instinct, friend’s advice, market information, agents and brokers to take financial decisions on our behalf. In most of the cases, they might not be best qualified for such an advice, and sometimes, might even have a conflict of interest. An investor might be able to choose the product, but might not understand whether and how that product fits into his/her overall financial goals.

With keen interest in this field I decided to go in for a formal certification and earned Certified Financial PlannerCM certification from Financial Planning Standards Board India. This blog ‘Fintelligence’ is an attempt to demystify Financial Planning and ensure that we make our money work as hard as we do.

I request the readers to share their feedback. Please feel free to reach out at fintelligenceindia@gmail.com for any queries or request for blog on a specific topic.

Happy Investing!!


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