Impact on individuals with this MODIfied India

9/11 of US changed US (and the world) forever and 9/11 of India shall go down in history as the day that changed India forever.

By now everyone must be aware of the decision of making Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes illegal from 9th Nov, 2016.

This is expected to have an everlasting impact on Indian economy but also impacts individual’s financial goals and planning.

At the onset following is expected

  • Inflation should come down heavily
  • Property prices shall crash
  • Gold prices might crash – though the people holding physical gold would keep it closer to them than earlier
  • Due to liquidity crunch, there shall be all round selling in stock and bond market

There shall however, be good opportunities for tax paying citizens who have enough white money. It is recommended that one keep their cool and look for opportunities to invest.

Stay tuned for a series of blogs related to how you can make the best of this situation and uncertainty and ensure your financial goals are met earlier than expected.

Immediate tip – Invest in stock market and mutual funds on panic selling. 


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